Court Accessories

Dream Courts has a large range of accessories available for all of our courts.
We sell and install a huge catalogue of sports supplies for homes, schools, parks etc.

Backboards – High quality backboard replacements for any hoop.
Safety Pole Padding – Velcro wrap-around protection for the basketball pole
Backboard Pads – For under the backboard just like the pros
Rebounder Net Ball Containment System – 10 x 20 or 10 x 10. Bungee cords rebound the ball back for great games, plus it keeps balls from going into the neighbor’s yard or down a grade.
On-court Logos – any size or color in the design of your favorite team, corporate logo, or school
Tennis Nets & Poles – high quality and durable professional tennis sets
Volleyball Nets & Poles – professional quality volleyball sets
Shuffleboard Sets – Everything you need to get started with your shuffleboard court
Putting Greens – Custom installed in all shapes, sizes and designs.

Most Dream Courts we sell come with the accessories included. However, the accessories can be bought as stand-alone court accessories as well.