Other Uses

While Dream Courts is known for building the ultimate tennis court and basketball court in the Los Angeles area, we have expertise in a range of other services that we regularly provide for homeowners and corporate clients. Whatever the space you have available, we can create a project to fill it.

Golf Greens – If you need to practice your swing off the golf course, we can design the perfect green of any size to fit your space using our artificial grass turf with interlocking fiber and thick rubber base. Our greens artfully mimic a real course, and we can provide fringe grass, pins, and cups for the full experience.

Batting Cages – We can ensure that your baseball swing improves with high quality batting cages for your home or business. Dream Courts provides all the safety equipment and a pitching machine, along with synthetic grass to make the experience more realistic.

Hockey Rinks – If hockey is more of your thing, Dream Courts has you covered as well. Our hockey surfaces and rinks are high quality and durable. They can also be incorporated into our multi-game courts.

Artificial Sport Turf – Expert installation is the key. We use state-of-the-art field turf that is pet-proof and will save you the expense of gardeners and large water bills.

Volleyball Courts – Dream Courts can integrate a volleyball court as part of our multi-game court or as a standalone court. Our volleyball court surfacing comes with a limited 15 year warranty and UV coating to prevent fading. We also provide you with a high quality volleyball net that can be removed when necessary.

Gym Floors – We can resurface, design, and build gym floors for schools, gyms, and corporations. We ensure that our gym floors exceed the performance of other floors, not only for durability but also to increase the increased performance of athletes.

Garage Flooring – Dream Courts also does garage flooring. We provide a limited 15 year warranty on our garage flooring so you won’t have to worry about reliability. Speaking of which, our garage flooring is one of the most dependable options on the market today.

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