Schoolyard Update

I would like to thank you personally for all the hard work and dedication that DreamCourts had in making our blacktop into a beautiful play are for my students. I am deeply moved by your personal investment ensuring that not only the funding was in place, but that the work on the blacktop was completed in seven days, a feat unheard of! In the course of seven days you were able to refurbish our black top into a colorful space that clearly identifies our softball area, a track to run on, hockey area, and our basketball courts. We also received a privacy screen, which is simply beautiful.

I stand proudly as the principal of an amazing school; with your help and support we were able to redesign a dull, ugly space, into an amazing learning area for my 1,500 students. We are truly the gem of Boyle Heights.

My door is always open, as is my heart to you for your kind and generous donation. Please stop by our school anytime.

-Ms. Rico, School Principal – Hollenbeck Middle School, Los Angeles

Schoolyard Update
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